GenreCon 2019 events coming soon!

Past GenreCon Events

Event programming happening over the GenreCon 2018 weekend.

Convention Hours: Friday Feb 9th 6pm – 9pm,

Saturday Feb 10th 10am – 9pm, Sunday Feb 11th 11am – 4pm


Event: Universal Fighting System

  • Saturday February 10th from 11am to 5pm, and Sunday February 11th from 11am until tournament end


The ultimate battleground brings the universe’s fiercest and most recognizable fighters to the trading card game arena. Players create and develop decks around their favorite character, incorporating signature moves and preparing their strategies to face other players. Every character brings unique abilities and opens up entirely new strategies, allowing for endless replayability and strategic thinking. Characters come from Mega Man, King of Fighters, Darkstalkers and Jasco Game’s very own Red Horizon property. Past cards include characters from Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, Tekken, Samurai Shodown and many more. In addition to deep and unique gameplay, UFS also features a robust tournament system that tracks the progress of our players. The top players travel to our big tournament every year to compete for an extremely special prize: what we call “the best prize in gaming”! Victors of the Nationals or World championships design their very own card which is playable in official games. Choose a character. Build a deck. Pick a fight. It’s that simple.

*This is a Special Ticketed Event. Tickets INCLUDE a weekend pass. You must sign in a the Front desk to receive your weekend pass and then at the event room prior to start time on Saturday.



Event: An Evening with the Elements – Cosplay Dance

  • Saturday February 10, 2018 at 9pm


GenreCon is hosting an elemental themed cosplay dance! This all ages events is free admission with a Saturday day pass or weekend pass! Come dance and have fun. Prizes are geared towards costumes that are tied to the elements so be sure to get those creative ideas flowing! Sean Ward will be there performing a halftime show.



Event: Let’s Talk Science – Children’s Activities

  • Saturday February 10, 2018 – Space is limited so be sure to arrive early.


Let’s Talk Science Outreach is a national, community-based program connecting educators and youth with outstanding volunteers to deliver a wide variety of meaningful science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) activities for children as young as three years old and youth up to Grade 12.


Let’s Talk Science Outreach is a national, community-based program connecting educators and youth with outstanding volunteers to deliver a wide variety of meaningful science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) activities for children as young as three years old and youth up to Grade 12.


Animal Life Cycles (Ages 5-8) Story Time Science (Eric Carle: The Very Hungry Caterpillar)
In this life cycle themed activity, students will learn how some baby animals look the same as their parents, only smaller, while some animals undergo major changes in appearance as they grow up! Students will read a story, and activities may include a bird and/or butterfly life cycles craft and acting out the life cycle of frogs.


Bridges and Towers (Ages 6-11)
Kids learn about what properties make structures strong and stable. Activities may include studying bridge designs and testing a suspension bridge, identifying the stable shapes for tall towers and a tower building competition.


Super Science Challenges (Ages 7-13)
Teamwork is essential as students solve these mini-engineering, science and math challenges. Can they design a method to move ping-pong balls without touching them or passing beyond specific boundaries? How many pennies can  they get onto a paper bridge? We have a zillion different mini-challenges and can select a few to suit your time, space and age requirements.


Rube Goldberg Challenge (Ages 8-18)
Students will learn about Rube Goldberg, and depending on their age, have a brief discussion about potential and kinetic energy and conservation of energy. They will then work in teams to build Rube Goldberg machines that demonstrate these basic physics principles. Activity kit may include pulleys, marbles, dominoes, balloons, race cars, meter sticks, and lots of other small parts. This kit is all about creativity!

Event: Jakeman’s Maple Farms  presents Harry Potter Wand Making

Do you have a little witch or wizard in you home? Now they have a chance to make their very own wand!!

Bring a stick or use one of ours to create this fun and simple craft with our talents volunteer crafters. Stickers, sparkles and anything that glitters will be applied to make a beautiful masterpiece.

This is a free drop in activity on Saturday Feb 10th from 10:30 am until 2:30 pm.

All ages and abilities are welcome.

Come on Sunday Feb 11th at #GenreCon2018 to paint your very own Sorting Hat with Rae Wright Artistry !

$35/person, includes all supplies needed for the painting.

Tickets available:

Limited Tickets available! Get them Quickly!!!

*This is an all ages and abilities event!
*Tickets do not include weekend or day passes.

Event: Settlers of Catan – Canadian Qualifier Tournament

  • Friday February 9, 2018 (preliminary rounds) – Sign in at 6 pm, Rounds start at 6:30 pm.
  • Saturday February 10, 2018 (preliminary and semi-final rounds) – Sign in at 10 am, Rounds start at 10:30 am.
  • Sunday February 11, 2018 (final rounds) – Sign in at 11 am, Rounds start at 11:30 am.


Every year, players from around Canada compete in local qualifying tournaments. This year GenreCon Guelph is proud to be hosting a qualifying tournament. The winner of the tournaments will be sent to the Catan Canadian Championship (CCC), which is held at Toronto Fan Expo (August 30 – September 2, 2018), where Catan players will face off against other qualifier winners to become the 2018 Canada Champion. Every two years, the Canadian Champions are sent to the Catan World Championship (CWC) tournament to represent Canada. Click here for detailed information.


Important: Tickets for this event can be purchased here. You must be 18+ and a Canadian citizen to participate. We have a limited space for this qualifying tournament so get your tickets soon!



Nerd Nite KW

Event: Disney Karaoke

Eric Moon returns to host Nerd Nite KW presents: Disney Karaoke! With more than 50 Disney songs available and 3 microphones, you and all your friends can sing some of your favourites solo, in duets, and more. Projectors, lights, and more will make you feel like your favourite Disney Prince, Princess, villain, villainess, or even your favourite crab.



Mario Kart 8

Event: Mario Kart 8

Afterlife Video Game Lounge presents two Mario Kart 8 tournaments open to all ages and skill levels! First place wins a $20 Afterlife gift coin!

This is a free drop in activity on Saturday Feb 10th from 8:00pm to 12:00am, and again on Sunday Feb 11th from 12:00pm-4:00pm.



Event: Attack Wing OP

Starting at 11am on Saturday, February 10th the battle for the Alpha Quadrant will begin.

A Star Trek:  Attack Wing Organized Play Event is being held that will consist of three 1-hour rounds.  Bring a fleet of 130 squadron points of any combination you can imagine, following the tournament rules, of course:
We will be using the Obstacles Scenario detailed here:
Following the regular Organized Play Event, the team from Lynnvander Studios will be running a demo of their soon-to-be-released, standalone expansion to Attack Wing which will allow players to game co-cooperatively against A.I. controlled opponents.  As Gene Roddenberry intended, rather than seeing fear in your friend’s eyes you will instead see only a respected comrade as you push the Dominion out of the Alpha Quadrant and then head through the wormhole yourself in an effort to cripple their Weapon Yards and put an end to their ability to make war.

GenreCon Panels

Have an idea for a GenreCon 2018 panel? Email Angie, our Panels Coordinator at!

Saturday Feb 10th
90’s Sailor Moon vs Sailor Moon CrystalBrock10:30A discussion panel with facts from the 90’s Sailor Moon and the newer Sailor Moon Crystal. Which is your favourite? Why do like them? Pro’s and Con’s of each.
Tips and Tricks for CosplayTrillium10:30Cosplayers of all levels are welcome! First time or long practicing Cosplayers all have different techniques that would be helpful for each others’ success. This panel talks about everything from makeup, to hydrating, to picking and building your Cosplay.
Prop and Armour MakingBrock12:00The basics of creating successful Props and Armour that can survive a Convention weekend. We’ll also discuss different mediums and techniques to bring your work to the next level.
Just Us LeagueTrillium12:00We few, we brave few who still stand up and scream proudly “HEY, THEY AREN’T THAT BAD.” Will be kicking our year off at Genrecon! We will talk about the victories and the missteps of Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment in all the glory from 2017, as well as break down all the good things scheduled for 2018 and beyond! You do not want to miss this hit annual panel from London’s Forest City Comicon
Making a D&D CharacterBrock1:30Whether you are new to DND or an old pro, come to learn the in’s and out’s of making a successful character for any campaign.
You Tube and Production DesignTrillium1:30A panel with YouTube sensation Sean Ward, creator of the #1 most watched Cosplay Channel on YouTube “The Sean Ward Show”. Find out his tips, tricks and how-tos of Production Design and making a successful YouTube channel.
Harry Potter: An Open DiscussionHanlon3:00The Potterverse is discussed in this panel on all things Potter.
Independant PublishingMcCrae3:00Are you an Author or want to be an Author? Learn about Publishing your work independantly.
Cosplay for EveryoneBrock3:00In this panel we challenge the cosplay norms and show that anyone, any size or shape can cosplay and succeed in our community. Drawing on examples from a list of diverse cosplayers we personally look up to, in this panel we would share our own experiences and also give anyone else an opportunity to share their own.
Buffy PanelTrillium3:00A moderated panel with Special Guests Charisma Carpenter and Nicolas Brendan from the the Cult hit “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”.
Prosthetics and Makeup for CosplayHanlon4:30The basics of cosplay makeup and prosthetics. What brands we recommend, safe ways to put on and take off prosthetics and how to make your makeup last a whole convention day.
Boardgame BanterMcCrae4:30All the Pro’s and Con’s of different boardgames. Favourites and least liked are all discussed in this panel with boardgame creators.
The Future of Star WarsBrock4:30With the conclusion of the most recent Star Wars Trilogy on the horizon, there are many debates on where Episode IX will take the series. Here we will discuss our predictions on what this conclusion will bring to the franchise.
Disney KaraokeTrillium4:30Come sing your heart out to all your favourite Disney Tunes from Mulan to Frozen, Moana to Mary Poppins. All Ages and Abilities Welcome!
Team Captain America or Team Iron ManHanlon6:00Who did you root for in Civil War? Join us as we discuss both Captain America and Iron Man’s stance on the Sokovian Accords, and how it will affect Avengers: Infinity War.
Crossplay and Gender BendingMcCrae6:00The world of Cosplay is much more than the Yaya Hans and Jessica Nigri’s of the world. It is filled with all forms of Gender Bending, Crossplay and Non-Binary people as well. Bring any questions you have about Crossplay and Gender Bending.
World BuildingBrock6:00Every wonder how to get going when building your own world? Here is a chance to learn from some of the best. A discussion from the basics of setting to elaborate full world specs.
Black PantherTrillium6:00Jeremy and Ian pride themselves on pretending to know about everything when it comes to the Nerd World. They have done their research and are ready to open your eyes to the world of The Black Panther! We’ll do all the prerequisite work just join us for the catchup on this phase of Marvel.
The Greatest Soundtracks in TV and FilmHanlon7:30There are certain TV and Film scores that have stood the test of time and have become iconic. Music sets the atmosphere and can add emotion, intensity, and suspense. Which soundtracks have been the most memorable to you?
WTDuck  AnimeMcCrae7:30A panel that discusses different animes that are considered really “out there” and what makes them stand out.
How to Train Your Dragon TriviaBrock7:30Participants take their “school of dragons” tests and watch an episode of the series. This Trivia time will include questions and answers and participants can compete as a group or individually. Prizes and Trivia supplied by Jessica from Whimsical Squid Creations.
Sunday Feb 11th
Creating D&D CampaignsHanlon11:30Are you interested in being a DM? Wondering how to create a successful campaign for you and your friends? This panel discusses the ins and outs of D&D Campaigns and how to make them fun for everyone.
Cosplay and Convention EttiqueteMcCrae11:30At conventions there are hundreds of people milling around in and out of costume. Here we’ll talk about how to safely navigate around the convention scene.
Droid BuildingBrock11:30Are you interested in the art of building your own droid? Well now’s the chance to learn all you can from some master droid builders themselves.
OverwatchHanlon1:00Gaming sensation Overwatch is taking the world by storm. Open talk about all things Overwatch.
Anime makeupMcCrae1:00Why anime makeup is different from regular makeup and how to make it work for your face structure.
Entrepreneurship with a Creative DietBrock1:00Are you working with Creative people? Are you a creative person? Are you trying to figure out how to balance being an entrepreneur and business person while still working and expressing your creativity? Join this discussion with two Entrepreneurs that have succeeded in just that!
Adapting Film and Comics into BoardgamesHanlon2:30Are you interested in BoardGame development? This panel talks about the ins and outs on develping your favourite films, comics and fandoms into Boardgames.
Cosplay and Mental HealthMcCrae2:30Mental Health is an issue for everyone and Cosplayers are no different. Come to our open discussion about how to work through Mental Health concerns while Cosplaying and how Cosplaying can help.
Nicholas BrendonBrock2:30Q&A panel with Nicholas Brendon hosted by Thomas Gofton.





GenreCon 2017 Panels – A huge THANK YOU to all our GenreCon 2017 panelists!