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Discover Fencing: An Olympic Sport With A Long History | GenreCon

Discover Fencing: An Olympic Sport With A Long History

Fencing is the sport of swordplay with a history as old as mankind. When a clever opponent blocked the swing of a club, fencing was born. The evolution of fencing from the club to electric foil took many centuries and eventually became a competitive individual and team sport that anyone can participate in.


The sport of fencing is fast and athletic, a far cry from the choreographed bouts you see on film or on the stage. Instead of swinging from a chandelier or leaping from balconies, you will see two fencers performing an intense dance on a 1.5 meter by 14 meter strip. The movement is so fast the touches are scored electrically – more like Star Wars than Errol Flynn.


Cool Fencing Facts


  • Fencing has been a competitive sport in every modern Olympic Games since 1896, and is one of only four sports with this distinction.
  • The Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympics, was himself a fencer. He wanted to include horseback fencing in the Olympic program!
  • According to a U.S. News and World Report survey, the tip of the sword is the second-fastest-moving object in Olympic sports. The bullet is first.
  • At least one ancient Egyptian temple features a painting of a fencing match. The painting dates back to 1190 B.C


Come meet local fencers from the University of Guelph team and the Royal City Fencing Club and see if you can score a touch on a competitive fencer.