Koizumi Chan

Koizumi Chan is the magical girl behind Koizumi Otaku Cosplay. Before she was a cosplayer, Koizumi Chan watched her best friend cosplay and questioned if she herself was confident enough to do it. Her best friend encouraged her to cosplay and gave her the push she needed to come out of her shell.


Six years ago, Koizumi Chan entered the world of cosplay, and has never looked back. She is a proud plus sized cosplayer and believes in the need for body diversity to be represented in the community. She loves to challenge society norms and continues to promote cosplay inclusivity. She believes cosplay is for everyone. Any body size, skin colour, gender or height can cosplay.


Koizumi Chan has debuted over 20 cosplays since 2012. They’ve ranged from anime to video games and horror to fantasy worlds. She has interests in a variety of genres and is always looking at new things to try. Cosplay makes her feel confident and included, and she will continue to support others to discovering the same feeling, just like her best friend six years ago.