Gearing Up For GenreCon2018

Are you ready for the return of Guelph, Ontario’s very own Geek Convention??


Team GenreCon would like to hear from you!! Over the next few weeks we will be posting panel ideas, concepts, fandom loves and general Geekery for you to participate in.

  • Mini Poll #1 – Cosplay, Pitch an Idea,¬†Literary merits of genre.
  • Mini Poll #2 – GI Joe, Buffy, D&D.
  • Mini Poll #3 – Self-publishing, Game design, How to make money with your art.
  • Mini Poll #4 – Comics, Prop building, World building.
  • Mini Poll #5¬†– Being a vendor, Heroes journey, Crowdfunding.


Vote here or on Facebook!! Don’t forget to check back for future polls.

Comment to let us know what your favourite panels are!!